Thursday, October 8, 2015


I was looking back into folders for something to post on Throw Back Thursday, and found these. I forgot how cute the Halloween decorations were that Cathy made. I want one of these. This baby was huge. If I remember correctly, she didn't use all stuffing for this because it would have taken more than one box. So she put stuffing on the outer rim, and filled the middle with plastic grocery bags.

I have a few Halloween decorations out in the living room, but nothing out front. Yet. Still thinking on it.

Enjoy yourselves.

Monday, October 5, 2015

alisaburke: glow in the dark pumpkins

alisaburke: glow in the dark pumpkins: I've been painting pumpkins during the fall for a very long time- so long that I kinda consider myself a pioneer of pumpkin pa...

What a great, unique way to decorate for the month of October. Wouldn't this be fun with a little one? It doesn't matter if their lines are crooked, it's all good! Enjoy. Linda

Thursday, September 24, 2015


Dega. This dog loves anything wet.

Gracie and Dega

At the end of the play time. Dega has snowballs hanging off of every exposed fur surface.
I remember this day well. We had a foot of snow fall overnight, and I called Melissa to invite them for a play date. She warned me that my house would be flooded afterwards, but I was cool with that.

Dega and Jake are both terriers, and they both have the type of fur that attracts snow and ice. After letting them romp around the yard for at least a half hour, we brought them all into the kitchen to thaw. I had water everywhere, but it didn't matter. All three dogs were exhausted and content.

Good times.

Monday, September 21, 2015


Dog Park
A few things this morning. I am in a slightly ranting mood.

First, did you see that Kim Davis, the Kentucky freak who has been married three times and refuses to issue marriage licenses to gay couples has pulled a new trick? This was in the Indianapolis Star yesterday. It seems that marriage licenses were issued in her absence (she was in jail for five days) by her subordinates. And licenses are currently being issued now that old Kim has returned to the job of county clerk. BUT! And this, my friends, is huge. Her name, as the county clerk, is no longer on the license. No signature. Instead, they are stamping it with something along the line of, "by order of the Federal court...". The Governor of Kentucky has stated that it is totally legal, and he sees no problems whatsoever. This legality is being challenged, so they are all going back to court.

Quit your job, Kim. I know! Apply for Donald Trump's campaign. I bet you would really like the Donald.

Second, Donald Trump? Is this country on the brink of insanity? Every time he opens his mouth, something foul falls out of it. Yeah, I soooo want a hate monger running the country. I sincerely hope that everyone who is planning on voting, and that should be every single person 18 and over, will read what this man stands for. If you can ever find out exactly what positive movement he has in mind.

Third. Is there a secret society somewhere that decides what roads will be closed to annoy me? Like most people, I have a limit to the number of ways I can leave my neighborhood. And the powers that be keep closing, opening, closing, and repairing, repaving, expanding those avenues. All. Summer. Long. Winter is just around the corner, and there appears not to be an end in sight. This is getting serious. They are going to cut down to one lane the highway we take to the dog park. People! My dogs are not dumb. They KNOW when I am within a quarter mile of their park. Put me in a slow moving lane where Jake can see the turn off, and the howling will commence. Not a good time.

Sigh. I'm done. Have a good one.

Saturday, September 19, 2015


We went to the dog park this afternoon, after the rain had stopped. The brats played for about an hour, then started laying around, so I decided it was time to leave. Instead of driving home, I went to a local apple orchard. They always have a fall festival for the entire month of October, and I wanted some fresh apples. On the way into the store, which is a converted barn type structure, I saw the pumpkin display and mums.  I love the colors of autumn.

If you are looking for a good eating apple, may I suggest Honeycrisp? It is crunchy, very juicy and only slightly sweet with a unique flavor. Excellent for snacking this time of year.

Have a great weekend.

Sunday, September 13, 2015


All of the above were taken at the Avon Dog Park yesterday afternoon around 2 p.m. We had a chance of showers in the forecast, but I think a total of 12 drops fell. That was it.

I love seeing the sky like this, a study in contrast. The thunderheads floating with the cumulus clouds, so white and fluffy. This is an autumn sky, an indication that the seasons are changing. It was chilly yesterday. For the first time in months, I had on a jacket. The dogs loved it.

My favorite time of the year.

Thursday, September 10, 2015


Sheep herding lessons, at the beginning. The above were taken November 7, 2010. The woman in the pen with me is Leah, our coach. At this point, Gracie decided that a trip to the farm was fun for her running everything and anything ragged. My darling little Aussie.

Hard to believe we have been doing it all these years.

Have a great day.